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Client interaction has hugely increased with online enquiries


Montgomery were looking to grow their Event portfolio in East and West Africa and needed a flexible web provider to support that ambition.

We were commissioned to provide Montgomery with a cost-effective, flexible web solution, that was customised to their requirements and could be rolled out with ease for new projects.


There were a number of challenges faced on the project. Making a simple and intuitive Content Management System that was customise for the Exhibition sector would require good planning. Making that same system flexible and scalable presented also presented a major challenge.

Having identified that mobile was a key platform for website users in the target regions, we needed to ensure that the websites worked well across all devices.

However, to underpin the success of the project, the key element would be support. Not only support for the day to day tasks, but to have a commitment to build a relationship to enable that system to be refined and maintained over a number of years.

Key goals for the project were:

Increase traffic to the websites
Increase visitor engagement
Increase conversions (exhibitor booking in particular)

I have worked with Symphony Online for 8 years and I couldn’t recommend them more. When I moved companies one of the first things that I implemented was moving our existing websites over to Symphony as I knew the quality that they could offer. The personal service, approachability, quality of their work and the fact that you can pick up the phone and ask a questions means that I wouldn’t look at any other company. They have tailored our websites to exactly what we need and they have helped develop and change them as new trends and technologies develop. They listen to what we need and have created the perfect site for our business.

Alexander Angus, Montgomery


The idea was to produce an ideal exhibition website for Montgomery, one that they could roll out and customise across a number of shows. To do that, we identified the key users, Exhibitors and Visitors, and planned out their customer journeys. This allowed us to plan the website so that the goals, such as Stand Booking or Visitor Registration were easy to complete.

A key aspect of the project was to make the websites as easy as possible to administrate. We used our experience to craft a simple and intuitive backend. This was a first step. The next step was to see how this fitted into Montgomery’s workflow, and then carry out further customisation as necessary to ensure admin effort wasn’t being duplicated unnecessarily.

The third step was to identify areas where we could automate some admin tasks, and build custom components to do just that. The Exhibitor CRM Import which imports Montgomery’s exhibitors from their CRM system, is a good example of this, saving valuable admin time.

Finally, we implemented a support mechanism (good old telephone, face to face and email) to ensure any further improvements can be identified on a rolling basis.

What did we do?

Here are the key elements we delivered for the project:

Mobile friendly (Responsive Web Design)
Easy to use Content Management System (CMS)
Responsive support by telephone and email
Ability to ‘roll out’ new websites easily
Exhibitors Zone to effectively manage their exhibitors
CRM integration for new exhibitors

To enhance the offering, each website needed to have it’s own custom design, but still retain the layout and functionality that we had identified in the planning phase so that they were easily administered and met requirements without having to go through a lengthy planning process for each.

What was the result?

This approach has helped Montgomery to launch numerous successful events in both Africa and EMEA to grow that side of their business.

An exhanced user experience across all devices has helped to improve both traffic and engagement across the board. Well planned user journeys have helped to increase conversions significantly, particularly in relation to stand bookings which was a major goal for the project.

Here's what that meant to Montgomery:

Traffic increased to our website 60% from year 1 to year 2
Client interaction has hugely increased with online enquiries
Montgomery's database has increased in both quantity and quality with opt-in signups.
Exhibitor offering has increased with dedicated pages and reduced the administration with users managing their own content
Increased visitor mobile interaction at events with responsive website

I have worked with the team at Symphony Online for just over a year now and had them hard at work! Over the last year we have redesigned a couple and launched two more websites for our events. Having their number on near speed dial as we decide on new elements to include and changes to make has not dented their affability and eagerness to act quickly to accommodate our needs. Being able to tap into their extensive knowledge of what works on other sites, especially in terms of the user experience, has saved us time and money and with their personable service I can’t recommend them highly enough!

Jamie Pearson, Afrocet Montgomery

Website design displayed in illustrated desktop screen Responsive web design displayed in illustrated mobile and tablet screen Website design displayed in illustrated desktop screen Responsive web design displayed in illustrated mobile and tablet screen