Internationally renowned, cutting edge web design in Swindon and Bristol, battling web design mediocrity everywhere with a judo chop!


Internationally renowned, cutting edge web design in Swindon and Bristol, battling web design mediocrity everywhere with a judo chop!

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Some of our work

  • Toyota

    Responsive Microsite Build

    We were asked to build a responsive microsite for a Toyota competition hosted by Top Gear. The site needed responsive competition forms and a responsive image/video gallery.


    Responsive Website Build

    Responsive Forms

    Responsive Image / Video Gallery

  • Toyota

    Device Friendly Competition Forms

    It was important for the client that the user experience was great across the board, especially when the user was completing the primary goal of the microsite so we crafted fantastic forms that were a doddle to use on any device.

  • Realfood Festival

    Responsive Website Design & Development

    Realfood continue to go from strength to strength, they loved their website design but wanted to improve the user experience to cover cross device browsing. We designed and built them a new responsive website - tasty!


    Responsive Website Design

    Responsive Website Development

    Content Management

    Email Marketing

  • Realfood Festival

    Desktop to Mobile

    With the rapid growth of the Realfood markets the new site needed to be as easy to use on a smartphone on the go as it was for someone sat at their desktop device. The new responsive design achieved this and we think it looks great on any device.

  • Agility in Mind

    Responsive Website Design & Build

    With Agility in Mind we were introduced to a new way of working and project planning. The result of this team effort is a great looking lean and agile responsive website to match their lean and agile principles.


    Responsive Website Design

    Content Management

  • Agility in Mind

    Device Friendly

    It was important for Agility in Mind that their website was as user friendly on a mobile as it was on a desktop.

    We developed a fluid responsive website design that scales from desktop to mobile in a very user friendly way and it looks great on any device!

  • Top Gear Live

    Content Managed Website

    It's non stop working with the Top Gear Live team as they tour around the globe, delivering automotive mayhem to the masses! We create the websites, and make them easily content manageable, so they can add videos, new articles and tell everyone why they'd be barmy to miss to the show!


    Web Design

    Web Development

    Content Management

  • Top Gear Live

    Ticket Information area

    The Top Gear Live Show packs a real punch, so much so, that visitors to the previous show , including ourselves, were surprised at how much entertainment was on offer for the ticket price. Not wanting to miss an opportunity, we planned a visually appealing, stand out area on the home page to tell that story. No one will be in any doubt this year!

  • Top Gear Live

    Show Action Video Gallery

    We love videos, clients love videos, and more importantly, website users love videos! We decided to create a video and gallery experience that would perfectly compliment the on screen antics of the boys and the Top Gear Live Team!

  • Alison Claire Natural Beauty

    Ecommerce Website

    Alison produces a wonderful range of beauty products that are so natural, they are good enough to eat! The Alison Claire team picked Symphony Online to produce a first class, all singing and dancing webshop that would entice potential customers, and show off the products to their maximum!


    Ecommerce (webshop)

    Web Design

    Web Development

    CRM Integration

    Web Design Swindon

  • Alison Claire Natural Beauty

    CRM Integration

    Websites sometimes have to talk to other systems, Alison Claire use a CRM system called Khaos to control their manufacturing and sales process so it was vital we could integrate their website to cut down on unnecessary admin work, result!

  • Alison Claire Natural Beauty

    Mini Shopping Cart

    A good shopping experience means happier customers, and happier customers buy more goods! We designed a nice little mini-cart area to compliment the design as a whole.

  • Charlton Baker Group

    The full works

    We love those Charlton Baker peeps, they are not like traditional accountants, they don't even wear ties! Thank goodness they wear trousers! These guys needed the works, a full make-over, the whole shebang!


    Website Design

    Website Development

    Content Planning

    Branding / Logo Design

  • Charlton Baker Group

    Group Logo's and Brand Design

    Charlton Baker needed a fresh, modern brand to reflect the fact they are not traditional accountants (trousers, no ties!). The brand had to be used in a consistent manner across the whole of their business structure, so we developed a modern, flexible brand that could be rolled out to their new ventures if needs be.

  • Charlton Baker Group

    Vector Illustrations

    David cracked out the vector dojo, and hi-ya(!), our professional and friendly vector imagery for Charlton Baker were born!

Toyota Competition

A responsive microsite with responsive competition forms, vroom vroom!

Realfood Festival

A tasty responsive makeover on the menu for the Realfood Festival

Agility in Mind

A lean and agile site was always going to fit the bill for Agility in Mind!


FUEL INJECT YOUR SENSES with Top Gear Live, website build and development!

Alison Claire Natural Beauty

A webshop that truely compliments the products, good enough to eat!

Charlton Baker Accountants

Not 1, not 2, not 3 but 4 top notch websites, more than just counting beans!

How we do it


Identify the objectives through planning and communication


Design and plan a solution for the objectives indentified


Build the means to achieve the objectives and meet the clients requirements


Make sure the objectives are met, identify any new objectives

Meet the team

James Seavers

Founder, Code Guru
Website Development, PHP, MYSQL

David Moore

Design Ninja
Web Design, XHTML, CSS, Branding

Ninja Dog

Decision Maker
No pooper scooper required

Jo Seavers

Bean Counter
Accounts, Bookkeeping


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