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Track cross domain ticket sales with Google Analytics

Many event companies use 3rd party ticketing sites, such as Seetickets, to handle their ticket sales, and why not these guys do a sterling job.  But what happens to your analytics when you pass the visitor from your event website to the external ticketing website? Well for most that is the end of the road, no data, no insight, no good.

Well upstep cross domain tracking with Google Analytics (GA) and as long as you can have your GA code embedded on the third party ticketing website then it is fairly simple to set-up: click here to visit Google’s guide

With this tracking in place you will be able to see the conversion path from start to finish, allowing you to see what channels, campaigns and content are driving the most ticket sales (as well as the ones which are not performing so well - equally as important). This will allow you to gather insights about your customers behaviour enabling you to drive traffic into the purchase funnel that is more likely to convert meaning you will sell more tickets.

So if you use a third party ticketing site for your ticket sales don’t delay have a look at your analytics and make sure that you are able to see the full journey for your ticket purchasers (don’t forget to also make sure that you have your goals set-up - see our Google Analytics: Essential Set-Up for Event Marketers for help with this if needed).

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